Lust Laboratory v.0.1.3 available!

Full Changelog:

Characters and Story:

  • Agatha arrives at the hotel
  • XYD-451 gets new quests and 5 new sexual scenes (3 of those are animated and have multiple stages)
  • New character: Emily is introduced and gets 2 sexual scenes
  • New character: Lisa is introduced and gets 1 sexual scene
  • New side character: SysWatch agent appears in the course of the main storyline
  • New side character: Delivery robot appears in Emilys storyline


  • The following things are now available in the new wardrobe for XYD-451:

- 3 new hairstyles (bald, bob, double-braid)

- 9 different hair dyes (each hairstyle has a main and an accent color)

- 12 different tops

- 10 different bottoms

- 8 full outfits

- 6 accessories

  • Three presets can be stored to save outfit configurations
  • The corruption system determines which clothes XYD-451 is willing to wear at each certain point in the game


  • The hotel can now be upgraded to Level 2 to unlock 2 new security tasks and to increase the daily income
  • It is now possible to hide/unhide each quest displayed in the top left corner or to hide all quests alltogether
  • The players inventory can now be inspected by clicking on the red chest in the MCs bedroom
  • The corruption system was overhauled

Minigames and Events:

New minigame: At the casino, the minigame "21 and done" can be played to win money

New hotel reputation task: The laundry has to be done twice a week in the laundry room

New hotel reputation task: The hotel has to be defended against spying robots sent by SysWatch every other day

New hotel reputation task: SysWatch is planting listening devices in the hotel. 4 of them have to be destroyed weekly


  • New location: Wardrobe for XYD-451
  • New location: The elevator is now in use (animated)
  • New location: The hotel now has a cellar, accesible by the elevator in the groundfloor main hallway
  • New location: A pool and a seperate sauna room are accessible in the cellar (animated)
  • New location: A laundry room has been added to the cellar to facilitate te new laundry task (animated)
  • New location: A workshop is located in the cellar
  • New location: The hotel has been expanded by a first floor
  • New location: Room 101 is now available and will sometimes be occupied by Emily 
  • New location: Room 103 can be entered and partially renovated in 5 steps
  • New location: A roofgarden is accessible and will be used in later game updates
  • New location: A casino can now be visited and gives access to Lisas questline and a new minigame (animated)
  • New location: The restaurant "Olymp" can be visited and functions as Emilys workplace
  • New location: Emilys apartment can be visited when she is home


  • New overview sheet for XYD-451s stats on the computer
  • New scheduling program for hotel staff on the computer
  • New clothing store for XYD-451 on the computer
  • All three stores display ads on the computer
  • 3 new background wallpapers are now available for the computer


  • For Win/Mac/Linux only: The cursor changes contextually (e.g. talk, go throgh door, aim etc.)
  • New background displayables for Agatha, XYD-451, Emily and Lisa (doing laundry, cleaning floor, sauna, standing, shooting)
  • Civilians roam the hotel now


  • A riddle has been added to the terminal in the MCs bedroom (remains unsolvable in this game version!)
  • XYD-451s dialogue options have been reworked to limit the number of maximum options
  • New interactive dialogue menu for Emily, Lisa and Agatha

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(2 edits)

got a bug, caroline still self locked in room 003. just got 2nd camera and tools, completed everthing from emily, i tried to check 003 in the morning, as i had not yet chance to install camera, i click on carolines door to check if i can trigger something, but instead i get directed to emily to 101

oh and i liked the delivery robot :D 

Thanks very much for the detailed report, I'll look into it. Good to hear that you liked the bot, I was questioning myself before if it was even necessary :)